Look: Fallen Leaves

This is the look I wore the other day. It's, as usual, a very easy look.

Note: The links given in this post would direct you to my previous reviews/features (including swatches) of those products.

I used the following four products for the eyes:

Catrice Made to Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow - Lord Of The Blings(metallic beige)
Catrice Made to Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow - Metall Of Honor (metallic khaki brown/brass)
GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Black Ink
Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara - Waterproof Extra Black

With a narrow flat brush, I applied the two Catrice cream eyeshadows - brass on the entire lid fold and metallic beige on the inner quarter. I deliberately didn't fade out the edges. I then lined and tightlined with GOSH Black Ink and applied two coats of mascara. The bottom lash line was left bare except for a bit of mascara.

These two eye photos were in fact taken indoors and about three hours after application. The Catrice cream eyeshadows looked pretty much as good as when freshly applied. No eyeshadow primer was used.


Anonymous said...

Simpel yet beautiful look! I love the shade of the Ellis Faas L105, it suits you very well and I'm impressed by the quality of these Catrice eyeshadows.

Very stylish outfit too and the Color combination looks fabulous as well. Off-white mixed with browns, I love it.

Take care, Nicole x

I Drink Nail Polish said...

Such a perfect pretty fall look! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit (beautiful poncho)! I Like them pretty brown ring and necklace and the combo with this stunning red Catrice is priceless. :P

You look pletty! The pics are great and I am loving the autumn background (though not my favourite season). ;D

The lippie is a perfect autumn shade.

Jossie said...

Everything looks perfect and well put together!!!! All gorgeous, sweater, lipstick, eyes, jewelry, hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww you are looking gorgeous in this pic ,love your lipcolor

Witoxicity said...

Thank you very much, my dear. And I'm so pleased you like the look and the outfit! :D As for the Catrice eyeshadows, they are such a good deal at €3.49 a piece. I'm truly impressed. Happy Sunday, Nicole! :)

@I Drink Nail Polish
Thank you! :)

Thanks so much for your kind words, KTee! Haha, as you know, I have a thing for ponchos. :D I'm happy you like the pics. Some people love autumn because of the colours but I know some who dislike the season because it's usually very wet and miserable. :P Well, I hope you're enjoying your weekend, KTee! :)

Thank you, Jossie. :)

Hey, thank you, Sataa! :)

Unknown said...

Great make up!!
fits so well with your eyes!!

Witoxicity said...

Thank you! :)

Bellas Unhas e Cia said...

Good day dear!
You are Beautiful!
I loved the makeup was perfect!


Bom dia querida!
Você está Linda!!
Adorei a maquiagem, ficou perfeita!

Witoxicity said...

Bom dia, Cris! Obrigada. Thank you for your kind words. Beijos! :)

Honey Bomb said...

I really like this shade of lipstick on you! Is the MUFE mascara your fave? I'm looking for a good one that's not waterproof...

Witoxicity said...

@Honey Bomb
Hi! I hope you've been well and thanks for your kind words. :) This is actually my first ever MUFE mascara and I do like it so far. I remember you had asked me about the Josie Maran mascara a while back. Well, I've been using it but I find that it doesn't hold a curl for very long (I have stick-straight lashes!). So far, what I've tried and really, really like are Maybelline Volum' Express Turboboost Waterproof Mascara and Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara. They are both waterproof mascaras but you are looking for a non-waterproof one. I don't know if the Maybelline non-waterproof version performs just as well. Looking for the one good mascara isn't very easy. It involves trying out different types and brands until you find the one that works best for your lashes. You'll find yours eventually. :)