KOH: KOH Collection L Box

I'll be brutally honest here. I remember dropping by the KOH Experience Shop in Amsterdam late last year and feeling a bit disappointed when I saw several versions of these KOH Collection boxes, all beautifully presented.

If I recall correctly, there were three versions/sizes available - XL, L and M - and they were offered at very advantageous prices. Basically, you pay a far lower price for the collection box than what you'd fork out in total if you separately bought the individual nail care items.

Throughout the year prior to the launch of these collection boxes, I had been building up from scratch my little arsenal of nail care products. I had purchased some of these KOH items individually, paying full retail price for each of them. So, of course, I was disappointed. Why hadn't KOH launched these collection boxes earlier? I would have saved a lot of money!

I left the shop without getting any of the collection boxes, tempting as they were. I still had some of the individual items at home and it didn't make sense to get a collection box just because it was a good fantastic deal.

Fast forward one year and here I am writing about the KOH Collection L Box that KOH passed to me a few weeks ago to feature here. Ironic.

I've been told that the L Box was a bestseller last year and so, KOH has decided to re-release this collection box for the holiday/gift-giving season this time around.

The KOH Collection L Box consists of the following items (and since I was doing some checking anyway, I've included here the retail price of the individual items).

Medium Glass File - €17.95 (this price includes an embroidered purse case)
Nourishing Cuticle Brush 2gr - €19.95
Essential Hand Nourisher 50ml - €19.50
Calcium Nail Whitener 10ml - €21.50
Essential Nail Serum 10ml - €24.50
Nail White Pencil - price unknown

The total retail value of the individual items: over €100.

The price of this L Box: €49.95.

Plus, you walk away with a lovely box which you can use later to keep just about anything.

I myself had previously spent €9.95 on a Crystal Nail Fail To Go (albeit smaller in size - 9cm - than the one in the box), €19.95 on a Nourishing Cuticle Brush and €24.50 on a bottle of Essential Nail Serum (and much more on other KOH nail care products not found in this collection box). It probably sounds lame with me now saying that the collection box is a good deal considering that I didn't buy it, but I'm sure you can do the math here.

Here's a quick look at the six items in the KOH Collection L Box and what KOH says about them (in italics). Where possible, I include a few notes about them.

KOH Medium Glass File
.....has a fine yet effective structure and files any nail type smoothly and perfect into shape. The file is very hygienic in use and (is) durable.

• a lightweight glass file
• approx. 13.5cm long
• easy to clean (a KOH manicure assistant told me a long time ago that it can also be washed in the dishwasher)
• be careful not to drop it on the floor, it might break

KOH Nourishing Cuticle Brush
.....has a soothing en nourishing effect on the cuticles. The effective composition activates the healing process of torn cuticles and painful sores.

• a click dispenser pen
• easy application with the brush
• has inter alia shea butter, sesame oil and aloe vera
• the oils have a subtle raw, green smell

KOH Essential Hand Nourisher
This soft and light hand cream has a spectacular protective, firming and nourishing effect on the skin of your hands. This will promote the natural protection, sooth the inflamed skin and prevent chapping of the skin.

• thick off-white cream
• smells like the KOH Body Sensations line of products, i.e. very sweet, floral
• has SPF 15 (according to the box)
• convenient to throw around in the handbag

KOH Calcium Nail Whitener
.....intensifies the natural colour of the nails, creating white nail tips and a healthy pink glow of the nail bed. This polish creates a subtle and elegant effect of a French manicure in just one step.

• haven't had the chance to try this - I've been consistently wearing nail polish this past month

KOH Essential Nail Serum
This complex serum is specially developed to repair weak and damaged nails. The blend of essential oils penetrates deep into the nails and restores the natural balance of the nail.

• comes in a dropper bottle
• high-viscous liquid
• smells green and nutty
• about three drops is enough for all nails
• the serum is to be massaged into the nails and cuticles

KOH Nail White Pencil
For an intense French manicure effect by means of emphasising the nail tips even more.

• dampen the pencil before colouring the underside of the nail tips
• nail tips appear brighter/whiter
• effect is temporary
• the pencil cover also functions as a nail cleaning tool

So, if you're new to KOH and would like to try some of their nail and hand care products, this collection box would be ideal. I wish they had this when I first started out. A lovely box like this would make a nice gift too, but that's stating the obvious.

The KOH Collection L Box has been available at the two KOH Experience Shops in Amsterdam and Eindhoven for a couple of weeks and should by now also be available in other KOH retail points.

At the moment, I see only the XL box in the KOH online shop. The KOH Collection XL Box, is priced at €99.95 and contains a few hand and nail care products plus four bottles of KOH nail polishes of your choice.

More information:
KOH Cosmetics website


esther said...

Wat goed dat ik dit lees. Leuk dat er weer zo'n L box is, ik heb namelijk vorige keer een exemplaar gekocht (was een leuk kerst kado). Ik denk dat ik er weer 1 ga kopen, maar nu voor mijzelf. Is toch een geweldige deal <3

Anonymous said...

That's a great deal, over 50% discount and it's such a beautiful box. Very luxurious. I can understand why this one was a hit last year and therefore re-released.

Lovely post my dear. Take care, Nicole x

Witoxicity said...

Moet je doen, Esther! Ga dit keer maar jezelf verwennen. Zo'n goede deal kun je beter niet laten lopen! :)

Thanks so much for your kind words, Nicole. Yeah, the price is ridiculously discounted, so one would be crazy to buy the individual items separately! It's good that KOH brought this back. :)

Anonymous said...

I told you b4 I'm such a sucker for boxes. Great to have but it would also make a great gift. Très Chique! I love it! "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Many of us go weak when we see nice/cute/chique boxes and brands like KOH know it! I do think this box has been very well put together - a good mix of nail care products in a sophisticated, handy box. I'm glad you agree, KTee! :D

GothamPolish said...

Beautiful packaging! I adore seeing Koh products, but only on blogs because I can't get them in NYC.

Anutka said...

I think they have the most elaborate packaging I have seen... It probably makes it seem like a present every time you open it :)

sugar sugar said...

this is such an interesting box! i'd say this is a good deal rather than purchasing the items individually. :D

Nikki said...

Super deal. Ik ben bij Douglas geweest maar de box was er nog niet. :(

Op de site van b.....scene las ik dat er een flesje van die dry drops in de doos zat. Dat klopt volgens mij niet want jij hebt het daar niet over. Maar ja, what's new, zij geven vaker foutieve info!

Witoxicity said...

It's obvious that KOH places a lot of emphasis on that. It's hard not to like their lovely packaging, eh? Btw, the KOH online shop does ship internationally. :)

Oh, I couldn't agree more, Anutka! :)

@sugar sugar
Definitely! It wouldn't make sense getting the items individually now that this LE box is available for sale. :)

Ja, ik ben zelf ook bij twee parfumerieën geweest en zag geen KOH box. Ook de Holiday Spirits collectie heb ik daar niet gezien! :P Ik heb van KOH gehoord dat de verkooppunten de Box begin november konden bestellen. Dus.....?

Hmmm, de Dry Drops zit inderdaad niet in deze L Box. De dingen die ik heb genoemd zitten erin. Volgens mij worden de Dry Drops gewoon apart verkocht (dat heb je waarschijnlijk zelf ook gezien in de winkels). Groetjes! :)

Nikki said...

Ben nog even op onderzoek gegaan en ben tot de conclusie gekomen dat ze ook niet zeggen dat er calcium nail whitener in de box zit. Ook hebben ze het over een travelsize glazen vijl. DUH!! Groetjes

I Drink Nail Polish said...

I would love to get this as a gift! It's perfect! :D

Witoxicity said...

Oeps! Soms kan je wel een fout maken in een artikel, maar wauw, dat artikel heeft dan wel veel fouten, zeg! :P Groetjes!

@I Drink Nail Polish
Yeah, it would make a lovely gift, especially for those who polish their nails often. :)