Adorned Nails: KOH Romantic Silver

Say hello to KOH Romantic Silver, the first of the three new releases under the KOH Holiday Spirits collection. As I mentioned the other day, there are another three that make up KOH Holiday Spirits but they are from the permanent collection.

Romantic Silver is a straight-up flashy silver that is much more than high shimmer. Now that I've worn it on the nails, I can see that it has characteristics of a metallic foil. It is dense with silver micro glitters which sometimes give a glint of teal. These first three photos were taken in strong sunshine.

Indoors and away from the sunshine (images below), Romantic Silver takes on a sooty silver look and if you look really closely, also a little twinkle of teal.

Application was all right and I have two coats on here.

This polish was kindly provided by KOH Cosmetics.

Next Holiday Spirits polish: KOH Loving Bronze


Jossie said...

Wow that is absolutely stunning!!!! Very holiday like!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous silver. It looks very classy on your nails. This one is also easy to match. Take care, Nicole x

esther said...

Je nagels zijn heel mooi gelakt. De nagellak komt echt tot zijn recht op jouw mooie nagels.

Nikki said...

Super!! :D

Heel mooi. Eigenlijk een kleur die altijd gedragen kan worden. Niet alleen met kerst. Groetjes

ps. Schitterende foto's <3

Toyomi said...

Looks great. I'm loving the shimmers .

Unknown said...

I love this color!
I haven't seen one like this before!

Inge (PolishSis) said...

This one looks amazing on you! It's shiny but classy :-)

Adis said...

You're right! It does do a little bit of teal. This looks like what Playful would've been, if it suddenly turned Flashy McFlash :o.

Very pretty. I want a bottle of this I think /)>x<(\...

Anonymous said...

A real stunner! Lots of bling. The close ups are Awesome.:P


I Drink Nail Polish said...

That is such a gorgeous polish! I love the finish with that particular shade - they work so beautifully together! I love everything about this! <3

Marionne said...

Can't wait for this collection to get in stores, this one is totally up my alley.

Witoxicity said...

It does remind one of silver decorations on Christmas trees, but it's a polish that can go with anything, really. :D

Thanks, Nicole! You're absolutely right. Silver can be worn with any colour. :)

Hey, bedankt, Esther! :D Deze zilveren lak was sowieso makkelijk om te lakken, in tegenstelling tot de tweede lak in de collectie, Loving Bronze. Fijne zondag! :)

Hoi Nikki! Goed om te horen dat je de foto's leuk vindt! Bedankt! :D Ja, inderdaad, deze kleur is neutraal en is geschikt voor alle gelegenheden. Groetjes! :)

That's great! :)

I'm glad you like it! :)

Thank you, Inge. I can totally see you rocking a polish like this too, with some embellishment! :D

It did remind me of Playful when I first saw it and yes, it's a flashier cousin. I compared the two bottles. Placed side-by-side, Playful looks taupey and Romantic Silver greyer and a tad bluer (must be from the subtle teal twinkles). P.S. It looks like the birdie has a headache. ;D

Haha, yes, bling-bling polish, this one! Thanks for your kind words, KTee. :D

@I Drink Nail Polish
It sounds like this polish fits your taste perfectly! :)

Hi, Marionne! The collection should be in stores this coming week, if not already. :)

Inge (PolishSis) said...

LMAO @ your comment "with embellishment". You already know me well ;-)

Witoxicity said...

But of course! Hee hee! :D I've seen enough of your manis to know what you like.

Anutka said...

I love these complex color that make you stare and try to figure out all the little bits of if. Great color :)

Adis said...

lol Birdy with headache :D!

/)@x@(\ <-- Proper birdy with headache :D

(Gosh, this comment just adds sooo much to the actual discussion XD.)

Witoxicity said...

I'm intrigued too by those busy, dizzy, little bits. They give the polish character and I like that. :)

Haha! Oops, I did say a couple of times that I'm not good at interpreting birdie expressions. :P Never mind that we've gone off on a tangent. The birdiemoticons are super cute! :D