Catrice: Bring Me Terra Copper

This is a double feature as both the lipgloss and the nail polish have the same name. Catrice Bring Me Terra Copper the lipgloss and Catrice Bring Me Terra Copper the nail polish belong to the Bohemia collection.

Despite the two sharing the same name, their shades are actually quite different. The lipgloss is an intense coppery/orangey red shade while the nail polish is a rust orange. It is richer and more burnt than its cousin, Rusty But Sexy, a polish from Catrice's permanent lineup (it came out under the Modern Muse Collection which later turned out not to be a limited edition after all).

You're looking at two coats of Bring Me Terra Copper and just like the other three Bohemia polishes, application was a breeze with the broad brush.

I actually have Rusty But Sexy on my pinky in the photos above but really, you can't easily tell the difference between Bring Me Terra Copper and Rusty But Sexy unless you look closely. This is how they look with the bottles side-by-side:

L: Rusty But Sexy; R: Bring Me Terra Copper

I really like Bring Me Terra Copper the lipgloss. The colour is so rich and it is dense with flecks of coral-gold shimmer. On my lips, it looks more orange than coral red. The orange colour does settle into every line and wrinkle on the lips but I can ignore that due to the high shine. Applied, it gives the lips are healthy, transparent, juicy orange gloss.

For good measure, here's one last photo to show how the two of them look together.

2 x Bring Me Terra Copper

I take my hat off to you, Catrice. I think the Bohemia Collection has been very well put together!

If you missed them, here are the other three Bohemia polishes:

Red: Catrice Looking Sunkissed
Brown: Catrice Yes, You Tan
Blue: Catrice Be Indiglow

My review of the Catrice Colour Show Lip Gloss (which is similar to this Bring Me Terra Copper lipgloss)


Anutka said...

You have such great taste in nail polish... This one is beautiful on you :)

sugar sugar said...

lovely fall shade hun! :)

Paulina said...

It looks gorgeous on you!

esther said...

Ik heb deze lipgloss ook. Hele aparte kleur. Staat je heel mooi. Ik vind het dopje met print ook zo leuk. <3

Anonymous said...

I can hardly see the difference from a distance. Gorgeous shade and that's an understatement. I really love this color. Your photography makes it even look more beautiful.

I love the lipgloss too, it looks great on you. I'm a big fan of orange lips. Take care, Nicole x

Nikki said...

Onwijs mooi. Je foto's zijn ook super. Groetjes

Witoxicity said...

Thanks so much, Anutka! :)

@sugar sugar
It certainly is! :)

Thanks, Paulina. :)

Dank je, Esther! Ik vind deze lipgloss kleur heel mooi. De leuke print op het dopje maakt het geheel nog mooier! :)

Thanks so much, Nicole! I think if I had said nothing about the Rusty But Sexy on my pinky, no one would have noticed the difference. Oh, orange lips? I'm into it too! :D

Bedankt voor je compliment, Nikki! Groetjes! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! Stunning matchy-matchy! I love orange lips and your nails look just FAB. The print on the caps are also cool, so everything is matchy-matchy. Yay Catrice. "KTee"xx

Witoxicity said...

Thank you, my dear! Hee hee! There's been quite a bit of matchy-matchy thing going on here lately. It's a good thing I didn't get the Bohemia eyeshadows (it was hard to resist, but I managed to walk away), or else, it would matchy overkill! :D